In 1984, we were founded as a partnership. In the decades since, we’ve become an award winning team partnering with others to create communities that build enduring legacies.

Our unique

At DMB, we take a different approach to crafting communities. This results in richer lives for our residents and value for our stakeholders and partners.

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The strongest foundations are built on integrity

This straightforward principle guides every interaction within our DMB family, and with others. We’re invested in long-term, collaborative relationships with local leaders, landowners and business partners — in turn, promoting solid returns for our stakeholders and, perhaps most importantly, profiting the greater community.

Easter Egg Hunt at a DMB Community

Building bonds that last a lifetime

From day one, our singular passion has been to design, build and serve vibrant, interactive communities: Welcoming neighborhoods where families can live, work, play, thrive. Expansive settings thoughtfully integrated with parks, trails and civic amenities that invite neighbors to explore and engage. Visionary yet enduring communities designed with residents’ evolving needs in mind.

People planting greenery at Mesa Community Garden

The land calls and we listen

Whether for residential or commercial use, creative design and responsible planning ensure that each DMB development reflects a genuine respect for the natural landscape. Our residents and partners alike reap the rewards of these extraordinary communities that sit lightly on the land — growing in value over time while continuing to honor and preserve the locale’s unique spirit.

Team DMB

The team


DMB Leadership Team

  • Dan T. Kelly

    Senior Vice President

  • Michael Burke

    Senior Vice President

  • Brian Bohart

    Senior Vice President

  • Jill Hegardt

    Vice President

  • Aaron Macneil

    Vice President

DMB’s Founders

  • Bennett Dorrance

    Chairman of the Board

  • Drew M. Brown

    Founding Partner

  • Mark Sklar

    Founding Partner

Our History

DMB Development

DMB Development LLC manages a collection of DMB’s newer projects and also serves as the platform for future DMB projects. DMB Development’s active projects include:
  • Eastline Village
  • The Sterling
  • Delta Coves
  • Kukui`ula

DMB Community Life

Since 1997, DMB Community Life has applied our unique Community Life Model™ to distinguish the communities we serve. Community Life is an innovative market leader providing association management and developer services with an emphasis on resident engagement, communications, and operations and governance.

What’s happening at DMB?

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