Six Principles for Creating Great Communities

At DMB, we believe that great communities don’t happen by accident. They require a shared set of values, and also vision and purpose. Great communities create a true sense of place through exemplary character, quality and design.

DMB’s core values are profit, partnership, legacy and fun. When applied to proven community-building principles, the result is a unique vision that leads to the creation of great places. A community that elevates daily life…where people want to live work and play.

Six Principles for Creating Great Communities

Education: Schools live in the heart of DMB communities, reflecting the value for education. Learning is a lifelong endeavor and our communities form partnerships with organizations and institutions to provide opportunities for learners of all ages.

The Arts: An integral part of life, arts and culture contribute to DMB place making. From resident clubs that nurture creativity and individual growth to visual art installations and concerts that bring neighbors together to enhance quality of life.

Wellness: Neighborhood parks and community amenities like pools and fitness centers are connected by paths and trails to promote activity and interaction between neighbors. Partnerships with health organizations and a variety of resident wellness programs encourage physical and mental well-being.

Sustainability: DMB is committed to preserving the character and history of the special settings that define our communities. This means executing thoughtful design that preserves important natural landscapes and carefully integrates the unique built environments.

Walkability: Each DMB community includes miles of inviting paths, trails and tree-lined streets. This along with plenty of neighborhood parks and nearby retail, encourages connection and provides beautiful settings for recreation, shopping and socializing among residents.

Community Engagement: The best communities engage residents in actively helping to create the place they call home. DMB’s Community Life Model fosters a connection between neighbors and a sense of ownership in the community through shared experiences including volunteerism, resident-led clubs, programs and events. By enriching the lives of our residents, DMB makes certain that every community will endure for future generations.

Let’s do great things together.

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