Mayor Smith on the National Stage

June 15, 2012

The US Conference of Mayors continues to be an important voice in the national conversation around economic development and federal investment. Leaders from the USCM meet frequently with federal leaders and the White House to educate and advocate on behalf of American cities.

Next week, Mesa Mayor Scott Smith will be named first Vice President of the prestigious organization and will be serve as chair in the future. Smith is the first Arizona mayor to ascend to this level of leadership in this national organization. This gives Mesa and Arizona a unique opportunity to directly influence national policy making around issues like job creation, transportation and infrastructure and debt reduction.

Over the past year, Mayor Smith has had the opportunity to present issues to the President, congressional leaders and federal agencies with the USCM. Having Mesa’s own leader engage in and lead these critical conversations elevates our region’s profile and helps lawmakers understand the unique challenges of Western cities and states.

The US Conference of Mayors offers mayors from around the national an important opportunity to share best practices and find ways to create change in their own communities. Mayor Smith will be leading a plenary session conversation on how cities can assist veterans in finding employment and accessing public services.

Congratulations to Mayor Scott Smith on his future election as Vice President of the US Conference of Mayors. His leadership on the national front is a point of pride for all of Arizona.

Cassidy Campana

Cassidy Campana, a native of Scottsdale Arizona, has worked in the Arizona market for more than 15 years as a public relations and political consultant. Currently, she represents a variety of local companies and non-profits including DMB Associates, Inc., as their director of corporate communications. She has worked in numerous aspects of marketing and message management including public relations, strategic planning, grassroots mobilization, and client services.

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