Intel joins the East Valley

August 31, 2012

Seeing Valley leaders standing with Intel executives to announce the expansion of their research and development operations last week, I was reminded of how effective the new regional approach to business attraction in the East Valley has been over the past few years. The cooperation and recognition of the value of companies such as Intel demonstrates an understanding of how investments like these pay dividends far beyond the boundaries of just one city.

Large scale operations and major investments like Intel’s benefit the whole region. Those employees shop at local stores, they take light rail downtown for a Diamondbacks game, they go to concerts and games at Westgate, and they visit Jerome’s wine country. Leaders in the East Valley model that ideal of regionalism when they stand together at these important announcements.

Bringing significant operations here to the Valley takes many people working toward the same goal. These employers know that cities and states will compete for their investments and jobs; therefore, Arizona and the Valley have to work in collaboration to be successful. Our company, DMB Associates, is continuing its aggressive growth strategy to attract new businesses to the Valley. Working in collaboration with GPEC, the cities and other local leaders, we are actively pursuing companies that want to expand into Arizona, and we are ready to help them open their doors. Bringing more high-quality jobs to our state has to be everyone’s job in this competitive marketplace.

This research facility offers so many opportunities for the region. A leader in the technology realm, Intel works with local suppliers and their new technologies might continue their growth in Arizona, creating a healthier economy for all of the state. Kudos to Intel, Chandler and all of the Valley leaders who made this announcement a reality. Our future is brighter as a result of their efforts!

Cassidy Campana

Cassidy Campana, a native of Scottsdale Arizona, has worked in the Arizona market for more than 15 years as a public relations and political consultant. Currently, she represents a variety of local companies and non-profits including DMB Associates, Inc., as their director of corporate communications. She has worked in numerous aspects of marketing and message management including public relations, strategic planning, grassroots mobilization, and client services.

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