Help build Arizona Centennial Flag out of LEGOs

East Valley Tribune
June 13, 2012
by Caitlin Wendt

LEGOs have their place among little ones with bold imaginations.

But what about grown-ups with the same creative ambition?

Brian Scott knows the answer; Scott and the team at Bonanza Educational are working to construct an 8-foot-by-10.5-foot Arizona Centennial Flag out of LEGO brand building bricks as part of a Flag Day celebration. “Construction” kicks off Thursday and runs through June 21.

It will take 114,006 bricks — conveniently the equivalent of our state’s total square mileage — and he’s looking for the community’s help.

Once the flag is completed it will go on tour throughout the state, stopping at Tempe’s Fourth of July festival and the Arizona State Fair.

This is not the only structure that Scott has created. In March, he built a 10-foot tall cactus out of LEGOs, but this time he wants his creation to be 100 percent made by the community.

Many kids develop an early love for LEGOs. Growing up in Chandler, Brian and his brother, Jeremy, were no different. In 2002, the two created an online LEGO distribution company, known as BrickBros. They were only teens when they started the company, and became LEGO’s first independent online supply business, they said.

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