Eastmark Tough Mudder 2015: The Ultimate Team Builder

Tough Mudder. 11.4 miles and 19 obstacles completed in just over 4 hours.

On March 14, 2015 DMB’s Team Eastmark – a small but mighty team of 15 DMB employees and friends – shared the ultimate team builder experience: Tough Mudder.

Hosted at Eastmark, Tough Mudder is not about personal achievement. It’s about teamwork, camaraderie and mental grit. DMB’s team of Mudder veterans and newbies had a blast running, crawling, swimming, carrying and supporting each other from start to finish.

Here’s some of the play by play:

The Arctic Enema was the first obstacle. It lived up to its name. One by one the team slid into the icy bath. As if that wasn’t enough to test the team’s will, they had to hoist their freezing, drenched teammates over a wall and then swim to the other side. Chilled to the bone would be an understatement.

Cry Baby was a new obstacle that required each person to swim under a wall and into a sealed area filled with tear gas. The goal was to army crawl out without relying on vision as a guide.

The monkey bars were so fun and easy as 5 year olds, but the Funky Monkey version was angled – upward. At the pinnacle, the team had to jump to a set of handle bars and swing to the other side. The alternative: fall into a muddy, watery pond below and swim across.

The Mud Mile – a long stretch of alternating muddy moats to trudge through and muddy mountains to climb over – was by far the most challenging obstacle of the day. The team had to work together to push and hoist each other up and over the slippery walls.

The King of Swingers obstacle tested a fear of heights. Each team member had to climb up to a platform 20 feet off the ground, walk to the end, jump out to a swinging bar and use momentum to ring a bell before dropping into a deep pool of water below.

Everest is a quarter-pipe coated in mud and grease that each team member had to sprint up and grab the hands of other teammates to stick it.

And last but not least, Electroshock Therapy. Some of the team sprinted, others weaved, and some crawled through the field of live wires with as much as 10,000 volts of electric shock each. Regardless of how each person took this obstacle on, everyone was bound to get zapped.

The DMB team crossed the finish line together. The same way they crossed the start line. And the same way they started and ended each of the 19 obstacles on the course. DMBers value collaboration and partnership, and Tough Mudder put those values to the test.

Team Eastmark included the following DMB employees: Daniela Ajamie (2x Legionnaire), Jennifer A. Barefoot (3x Legionnaire), Lindsay Herring, Eric Tune (2x Legionnaire), Alysan Ulrich, Amparo Turner (2x Legionnaire), Kymberlee Wade (2x Legionnaire), and Suzanne Walden-Wells.

Let’s do great things together.

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