Community Life Event at Verrado thanks Buckeye’s Police & Fire Departments

June 25, 2012

DMB communities are known for their unique community life, providing enhanced quality of life for residents. The Verrado community in Buckeye, Arizona is a wonderful example.

On June 13, as part of Verrado Leadership’s* monthly class, the group thanked the men and women of Buckeye’s Police and Fire Departments on behalf of the entire Verrado community for their service and dedication, serving up a “thank you pot luck dinner” at the new Buckeye Fire Station

Verrado Leadership’s Steve Manning honored the two Assistant Chiefs Hall (PD) and Egherman (FD) with a flag that had been flown over Ground Zero in New York. Manning retired from the Port Authority Police Department (PAPD) in 2009 where he worked on law enforcement between New York and New Jersey, including the World Trade Center.

After 911, Manning spent nine months at Ground Zero along with police and firefighters from across the nation who came to aid in recovery and cleanup. During this time, the American Flag became a symbol of all who stepped up to serve and protect the nation. One of Manning’s connections who still works for the PAPD sent him the flag after it was flown over the World Trade Center to honor Buckeye’s police and fire departments.

Along with the celebratory meal, the Buckeye Fire Department played host and provided fun experiences for the Verrado Leadership members including fire house tours and fire truck driving simulator experience. Verrado Leadership members also tested a “rope gun” that shoots rope across flooded washes to aid in potential drowning rescues.

Also, the members of the Buckeye Police Department spoke to the crowd about the Volunteers in Patrol Services program, and other ways to get involved. They also explained the technical components of their new department vehicles, an  SUV and motorcycle.

* Verrado Leadership – a program of the Verrado Assembly, in partnership with Arizona State University’s Partnership for Community Development – is a vital part of life in the Verrado community, creating a legacy that will not only touch the hearts and lives of the program participants, but will influence the greater community for years to come.

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Jaime Lyn Gonzales

Jaime Lyn Gonzales serves as Community Engagement Manager for Verrado, supporting authentic community building through resident-stakeholder collaborations and innovative community programs. She holds a degree in Economics and a certificate of International Business from ASU; she is currently persuing a Masters in Social Justice and Human Rights at ASU, working closely with ASU’s GlobalResolve program. Jaime enjoys spending time with her husband and their dog, traveling, and supporting local businesses.

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