Civic Engagement: a DMB Business Imperative for Community Development

DMB has worked on a unique approach to creating vibrant community life in our Arizona communities for almost 30 years. Throughout the journey, DMB has partnered with our residents and stakeholders to improve how it builds distinct communities of purpose and value.

Today, DMB is more confident than ever in this model. Community residents, from DC Ranch to Marley Park and from Eastmark to Verrado, continually tell the Community Life staff that living in a DMB community is like nothing they’ve ever experienced.

DMB residents often share stories of how much they appreciate the authentic care and concern neighbors have for one another. They boast about the culture of respect and meaningful opportunities to become involved and how they feel safe and secure in the arms of friends and neighbors.

Community residents are engaged in the long-term wellness and productivity of their community. Social and civic engagement is a foundational value and residents seek to improve the lives of their friends and neighbors on a daily basis.

These stories always make the DMB team proud. This is what vibrant community looks like.

All great communities are defined by their extraordinary settings – distinct neighborhoods that complement the natural and cultural beauty of the land – and by the people who live in and care for these special places.

In DMB communities, it is known that success in creating sustainable, legacy communities will only be achieved by cultivating an environment that not only looks spectacular, but also lives well. It has never been clearer that living well means being engaged in community.

Read More in the Town Hall report.

The 2012 Arizona Town Hall invited Todd Hornback, Director of Community Life, to co-author a chapter for the background report for their 100th Town Hall on Civic Engagement. The meeting focused on how civic engagement can play a significant role in the fostering and development of communities. DMB was acknowledged as the exemplar for this form of development in Arizona.

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