Building a Strong Regional Economy Key to Successful Development

June 19, 2012

Our mission for Eastmark is to create an integrated community designed to attract employers with retail, hospitality, recreation and residential uses that strategically blend together to form a vibrant economic hub. These past few years have challenged our teams to be more deliberate and assertive in pursing economic development opportunities for Eastmark and the region.

It is clear that attracting the right employer-partners to choose Eastmark for their operations is a driver that will generate market demand for homes in the East Valley. Building on the success and growth of the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, Arizona State University, and the expansion of neighboring aviation/aerospace companies, and the many amenities in the region, we will continue attracting high quality employers to Eastmark that will help to create jobs in Phoenix and the East Valley.

Conceptual rending of Eastmark park structure

Economic development, while critical, is no easy task. We have had early successes in this realm, but there is much more to do. While we continue our focus on business attraction and acquisition, we are also looking forward to the planned launch of the first new neighborhoods at Eastmark in 2013.

Today, the Arizona Republic provided an in-depth look at Eastmark and its plans to create an integrated regional community that will soon become the Heart and Hub of the East Valley.

“During the recession, DMB shelved its plans for homes and began working to draw big employers to the Gateway region, keep other large firms in the area and work with other communities in the southeast Valley to build the infrastructure needed to support future growth.

“DMB is taking the responsible approach to developing Eastmark, instead of incrementally building subdivisions,” said Mark Stapp, director of the Master of Real Estate Development program at the ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business and a former developer.

“The company is trying to raise the economy for the entire region and thinking about the last parcel it sells, instead of the first parcel,” Stapp said.

DMB realized in 2007 that to fill a large development far from metro Phoenix’s core with as many as 100,000 people, its east Mesa community would first need much more than housing.”

Read the full article:

Mesa developer’s new tactic: Build jobs, then homes
The Arizona Republic
By Catherine Reagor

We look forward to sharing more news as Eastmark comes to life.

Charley Freericks

Charley Freericks, President of DMB Associates, is responsible for strategic management and leadership of DMB’s Arizona activities. He has over 14 years of experience with DMB, including executive leadership roles and overseeing masterplanned community and commercial development operations. Mr. Freericks is an active contributor to Arizona organizations that enhance our community and business environment, currently serving as board chairman with Fighter Country Partnership (Luke Air Force Base), and several industry associations.

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