Responsible Planning

DMB believes a truly successful residential, commercial or mixed-use community — no matter what size — requires responsible planning that respects community stakeholders and special community landscapes.

Responsible PlanningThe process of creating a great place that meets the collective aspirations for the community begins with collaborative planning.  DMB works to build support throughout the land planning process through  collaboration with diverse community stakeholders, including city, town, or county planning staff, elected officials, neighboring land owners, engaged citizens, local leaders, and community partners.

An industry leader in collaborative planning, DMB’s approach has resulted in positive, long-term relationships with local jurisdictions and diverse stakeholders, providing our company the flexibility to adjust community development plans with the changing needs of stakeholders and market conditions throughout the development process, maximizing our long-term success.

In addition to consideration of stakeholder aspirations, creating a great place requires thoughtful consideration of the natural land cues that shape the unique planning and design of each community. Throughout the community development process, DMB strives to minimize our environmental “foot print,” creating communities that are authentic and regionally appropriate, and that successfully integrate the built environment into the natural environment, adding to the long-term sustainability of the community.